Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Retailers Could Profit from Twitter

I'm fairly new to Twitter. I think I've used it for about a month and a half. And really had no clue what it was up until then. I don't consider myself to be an average user of anything, as my mind is always thinking of ways something works or how it can be improved.

Such is the case with Twitter. I have read tweets about retailers and fortune 100 companies getting on Twitter and how big biz is having problem using Twitter to advertise successfully.

I have an idea...

Most sites (Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Zappos, etc.) require that online customers have an account at their site. This makes for and excellent marketing opportunity. Amazon does an amazing job at tracking user preferences and interests to target the marketing for an individual. It is also known that now-a-days (in the Web2.0) era, consumers are interested in what other people are buying and recommending.

Here's my suggestion to online retailers (and if you aren't online, get online and do this):
Make app that will tweet "I just purchased WHATEVER from RETAILER for PRICE. Get yours at URL-TO-PRODUCT" upon a purchase.

This shouldn't be that hard to do. In fact, half the work may already be done! With TwitterFeed, all retailers would have to do is set up an RSS feed for each user. The user would have the option to add this RSS feed to their TwitterFeed.

I am an Amazon affiliate... I would only hope that Amazon would allow consumer recommendations to be tweeted in such a way that the affiliate would receive $. In other words, someone goes to a site that features books. Affiliate gets commission from purchase and Amazon tweets advertisement. Affiliate would also get, at least a partial commission, from purchases that occur by someone following the link on the tweet.

After a few days of having received the product, an option would be extended to the consumer to grade the product. This would generate ANOTHER tweet similar to the previous one but it would contain the grade.

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