Friday, July 24, 2009

Awesome Twitter Apps: Twaitter & Twitter Grader

My previous post about Twitter applications had information about who I prefer to follow, and how I manage my posts through TweetDeck and TwitterFeed. These two continue to prove invaluable: TweetDeck for everyday interactions with people and TwitterFeed for automated posts of any new content added to our site, our blog, and our Delicious bookmarks.

I have, however, discovered a couple more applications that help manage my content.

Twaitter is a service that allows you to schedule tweets so they may be posted at certain times. For example, a "Happy New Year's" tweet that is sent every January 1st, at 12:00AM. You have the option to set up a reocurring tweet (as would be the example New Year's message) or one time tweets.

How are one-time tweets beneficial?
I use Twitter for networking. I connect with others who share the same interests as I do. I also connect with potential, present, and past customers. There are also people who follow me because they like to read the information I provide. If I know I will be away from my computer for a prolonged period of time, I may enter some tweets that are relevant to the current topic/content I have been tweeting recently and set those tweets to post every hour or two. This way followers get the information they expect. How about setting up a famous #FollowFriday on Wednesday? Sure! You can't possible suggest everyone in one single tweet. So once you have a #FollowFriday tweet that is at capacity, 'set it and forget it' by scheduling the post sometime on Friday.

The next service is for SEO, and marketing research (sort of).

Twitter Grader is a service that works, and can be used, in almost the same manner as Alexa for websites. You simply type in your Twitter username and it will generate a report of the number of followers you have, the number of people you are following, your rank, some suggestions, and a grade. Of course the rank and grades are based on a contrast between your profile and all other Twitter profile.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @glycotraner. I am excellent at responding to dire messages (DM) and any other public mentions (@glycotrainer) you make.

To learn more about GlycoTrainer, visit the "About Us" page on

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shopping for Direct Sales Company

"How to choose an mlm."
That's exactly what I searched for in Google and got over 600,000 results.

The information mostly boils down to what the top result offered, however:
Here is a summary, according to the article above, of the 10 things you should look for in a great network marketing company:
  1. Has the company been around for at least 5 years?
  2. Is the company well capitalized?
  3. Does the company offer products or services that are unique?
  4. Is there a genuine need for the product or service?
  5. Is the product or service trendy or a fad?
  6. Can you generate immediate income?
  7. Does the marketing system take full advantage of technology?
  8. Is the person who is introducing you to the opportunity committed to YOUR success?
  9. Is there a way to build your business part-time without losing your full time income?
  10. Will you have FUN?
Our direct sales model satisfies the 10 points listed above.
Contact us for more details as to how you can benefit from us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Looking for Individuals with Business (& sales) Experience

GlycoTrainer is expanding and we are looking for 4 individuals in the US who may have domestic (in the US) and international contacts.

Are you looking for a way to supplement your income?
The economy is at its weakest point in as long as anyone can remember; Foreclosures continue at an almost uncontrollable rate; There have been thousands of layoffs since November (more are planned). Now, more than ever you must look for additional income opportunities. If your only source of income is through a job, read "Build your own job security" for details as to what experts are saying about relying on a salary from your job during these tough economic times.

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?
"In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Unless you are truly sick and tired of your current situation and you are willing to step out of your comfort zone for a short period of time while you build your nest-egg, you will continue to live paycheck to paycheck. This is the way many people want to live, more power to them. But you are reading this because you, at the very least, don't think this way. You can make $2,600 USD in the next four weeks. In fact, some are already doing it in a single day! But we understand that not everyone comes into this with the same aggressiveness. That's why there are others who take up to three months to do this. The time in which you make this money is up to you. The really nice part about making these $2,600 USD is that you are set up to receive, on average, $150 USD per month for the rest of your life! That's residual income. Money that you will receive forever. What could you do with an extra $150 USD each month? Contact us for details.

What is required by you?
First, willingness and desire. And you've proved to have it by being here.

Secondly, plug into our team. Be willing to learn and grow, and think about others first. You will be part of the health and wellness industry and as such, many of your customers will be ill. Many will think they can't afford the products. It is up to you to plug each person into our team so they can get the information and help they deserve.

We do business in 16 countries worldwide, with our strongest presence in the US, Europe, and South Africa. We are looking for people in the US who may have contacts in any of these regions. Additionally, we are looking into an expansion south of the border. So if you have ties in Latin America, this is the PERFECT opportunity for you!

To apply, please fill out the "Contact Us" form and type "Interested in business opportunity" in the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Friday, July 17, 2009


It's been a few days shy of a month since the first "Tweet" was posted on It took a few days to figure it out, but has been an awesome communication tool since!
The very first person I followed was Tony Robbins (@tonyrobbins). His name showed up in the "Trendy Topics" list. The guy is full of positive energy! It's awesome to read his posts. Once I got the hang of it, I began to look for profiles that posted relative content to ours (health, wellness, finances, motivational, industry news, etc). At the moment, these are my favorites:
  • @tonyrobbins - As eluted to earlier, Tony Robbins is the definition of positive. His posts will make your day. His sincerity comes through to you via every single one of his posts. Thank you, Tony!
  • @glicoentrenador - GlycoTrainer (us) in Spanish.
  • @quotegarden - Health and Motivational quotes.
  • @clarkhowardshow - Clark Howard is amazing at finding great offers & at money management. He's money savvy and you are guaranteed to learn how to spend less, save/invest more, legal matters, how to improve your credit score, and a lot more.
  • @HealthyMinute - Lots of health information. Pete posts about weight loss and management, proper nutrition, and all types of related information. Tweets very frequently.
  • @Prebiotics - This company posts non-stop information and articles about prebiotics and probiotics. A lot of the information they post mentions health benefits of pre- and probiotics.
  • @mberg - Ex-coworker, buddy of mine. Matt is part of GeekCorps. He doesn't post as often as he should. When he does, it's about the aide he and his peers offer third-world (Matt happens to be in Africa) countries.
  • @WhatsGabyCookin - Delicious food recipes. Gaby is ex tennis player who still works out. So you KNOW this food has to be healthy (for the most part).
  • @MannaRelief - Non-profit organization that gives free glyconutrients (and other children's supplements) to orphans worldwide (mostly in third world nations.
  • @iamdiddy - Sean Diddy Combs... Tweets motivational messages very often. It's an aw@esome chance to get into a multi-millionaire's head.
  • @DaveDube - Inspirational, networking tips. Dave Dube posts a lot of Zig Ziglar quotes.
  • @YouQuotedQuoes - Inspirational and motivational quotes.
  • @DanTanner - Market information. Dan Tanner posts profit declarations by companies, stock updates, market updates, and other investment related information.
  • @PJA64X - Inspirational and motivational quotes.
  • @Alyssa_Milano - Enough said.
So, as mentioned, GlycoTrainer has two accounts with Twitter. @glycotrainer for English tweets and @glicoentrenador for Spanish tweets. It was getting a little hectic to keep track of tweets and their translations. I looked into installing TweetDeck a couple of weeks ago but had been unable to do so until this morning. It is awesome!

Keeping track of both accounts is extremely easy! Here's how it works:
  • On one column, you are shown you tweets from those you are following. Exact content as is found on "Home" within your Twitter account.
  • On another column, you are shown posts that mention you. Exact content as is on "Updates Mentioning [you]" within your Twitter account.
  • On another column, you are shown suggestions of people you may want to follow. This seems to not work as well as it should. So far, most of the suggestions I've gotten have been of not interest to me whatsoever.
Of course the columns described above can be removed and added at a later date. They can also be shifted from side to side. The idea here is that the interface is configurable. This is a must-have twitter application.

I have been manually tweeting new site and blog posts. As you can imagine, it can become a hassle to have to log into the blog, write it, go to twitter, get URL from or something similar, think of clever 140 character (including short URL) statement about blog. And then have to do the same for Spanish. No no... To help with this, I am now (as of today) using TwitterFeed. This application, as TweetDeck, is a must have!
So what this application does is read a feed and post its title and a description. The awesome part of this application is that it automatically shortens the URL and from it, finds the exact number of characters that it will display as a tweet. You can choose to tweet the title only or the title and the articles description. This is going to work out just fine for us at GlycoTrainer because our entire site is powered by WordPress. WordPress provides an RSS Feed that TwitterFreed integrates with easily.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Build your own job security

Want Job Security? Build It Yourself
Reported on Yahoo!

Things to consider that are mentioned as to the risk of finding and relying on employment:
  • "the largest 500 companies in America have cut more than 575,000 jobs since November."
  • "It's all risky out there. Big companies are no longer a safe haven; small companies are no longer only the bold."

The rest of the article is about where to find capital to fund your business venture. These are:
  1. Hit up Uncle Sam
    " President Obama in March pledged up to $15 billion in stimulus funds to boost SBA lending"
  2. Find a Solo Angel
    "clubs of high-worth individuals who band together to finance fledgling companies"
  3. Stay Close to Home
    "While national banks were hit hard by the fallout on Wall Street, many community banks and credit unions claim it's business as usual."
  4. Weigh the Alternatives
    "Consider alternative types of loans and financing arrangements that let you pledge assets or outstanding invoices as collateral."
  5. Tap Your Ingenuity
    "vast majority of money that young companies spend comes from their founders' wallets"
    "Many tap personal savings, credit cards, severance payouts and retirement nest eggs to fund their businesses."
    "One strategy that can be a winner: Running two businesses at once, using one to generate current cash and the other as their long-term potential home run."
We have a sixth suggestion:
What if you could simultaneously make both types of incomes (immediate and long-term), as described on #5 from the list above? What if you could start this business without having to invest a substantial amount? Imagine getting products that change lives with your investment. And as an added bonus, how would you like a 6 MONTH, FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

Oh yes... and I've just put it in writing!
Start your business for $499
Get $630 worth of life changing products
Make immediate income and set up a long term residual base simultaneously
6 month, money back guarantee

As the famous line goes "But wait, there's more!": you are not only limited to the U.S. Market. Upon start-up, you have the option to conduct and grow your business in a dozen countries worldwide, and the number grows each year.

Contact us today to get started.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Vasectomy on Wrong Patient

Doctors Accused of Performing Vasectomy on Wrong Patient - 07/01/09

Over and over, we tell you that you are the only person responsible for your health. No one else can help you as much as you can. Medication has a long list of unproven, damaging, and life-taking endings, even when administered to the right people and at the correct doses. Medical mistakes are more frequent than you are led to believe by the FDA, CDC, and the medical industry.

To some, the article above may be funny. To others, the article might bring up thought of "This happens so infrequently that I don't run the risk." Yet others may be led to believe that these mistakes don't happen in the U.S. Wrong, wrong, and incredibly wrong!

Surgical mistakes persist in Bay State reported by The Boston Tribune, mentions that there were "36 instances when doctors performed the wrong procedure or operated on the wrong site or wrong patient between January 2005" and September of 2007. And "38 cases of sponges, surgical instruments, or other pieces of equipment left inside patients." In a two year period? That's almost 3 wrong procedures every 5 months and almost 7 cases where a surgical tool/accessory is left in a patient, ever 10 months! Collectively, it's fair to say either occurred at least once a month. I was really looking for CDC stats but couldn't find them. If you run across one, please post it as a comment.

Obviously when it's a life-threatening situation such as trauma, you have no alternative options. But if the doctor makes an appointment and your a few months away, start looking! Read, educate yourself. "Doctors, however, are not trained in nutrition, prevention, or supplements." Educate yourself about these topics. If there are no improvements by the time your scheduled surgery comes around, go through with it. Get the procedure, as planned by your care-giver (physician). But there is always the chance of having success and not having to undergo surgery, as scheduled and expected by your doctor.

Stupid is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. What are you doing different from the other patients that your doctor is in charge of? If the answer is nothing, don't expect to have different results.