Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Five Reasons why no one Likes You on Twitter

Five Reasons why no one Likes You on Twitter

I tweeted this article a few months back and thought it would be a great idea to summarize the article in English and translated it into Spanish at http://glicoentrenador.blogspot.com/

The five reasons (explanations for each reason are my own comments):
  1. Everyone can see that you are in it for the numbers, not the people
    If your main goal is to have a high rank and grade on Grader or a similar service, people will see right through you and will most likely decide to not follow. Eventually, you will have no real people following you. Your followers will be bots, spammers, and auto-followers.
  2. You understand social media, but you don’t understand how to be ’social'
    Twitter is about socializing! Yes. You should read tweets posted by those you are following and reply to tweets, post comments on blogs, and retweet (RT) when you come across something of interest.
  3. You don’t listen
  4. You don’t care about the people you want to be following you
    You must care about others! That's the key! When I get see a congratulatory tweet from someone I am following to someone I am not following and who isn't following me, I will take a look at the unknown profile and see if this person just achieved something that I should congratulate them on. At the very minimum you will have a brief chat with that person. That user has just promoted your username to all of his/her followers.
  5. You don’t promote others
    I automatically unfollow tweeps who do not give credit via RT's to others. Let's say one sends original and very interesting tweets. Then I see two sending the exact same tweets a few hours later. Once, twice... Conisidence, but I note it. If I see it continuously, I unfollow. I also take a look at the profile of those who follow me. If I don't see them sending public messages to other users or they have there are no RT's visible, I'm not going to follow that tweep back.
Essentially, people want to follow those who provide interesting information, those who can contribute positively to conversations, and those who are willing to edify others. Be real, converse with other tweeps.

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