Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Take Advantage of the Power in a Patent

Today the world witnessed the true power of patented technology when i4i Inc. won a patent infringement suit against software giant, Microsoft.

You can read an article about this on Mashable:

As it stands, Microsoft (MS) can no longer sell, import, or in anyway distribute Microsoft Word in the United States. Another article I read said MS had to pay i4i Inc. $290 million for damages.

Now that i4i Inc. has defended this patent in court, they are virtually unstoppable in the XML arena.

What if YOU could be like i4i Inc. and own patented technology that everyone wants?
You can! We have over 43 patents worldwide on our advanced glyconutrients product. Recent scientific research indicates that the eight essential monosaccharides found in our glyconutritional product are necessary for proper cellular communication. It is the envy of ALL pharmaceutical and medical research facilities. Additionally, our multivitamin and multimineral product has patents on the hydroponic method and nutrient extractions used to create it. It was the very first multivitamin & multimineral product to be sold that contained ALL ingredients from a plant source.

Like i4i Inc. our patents have already been defended in court! We literally have no competition because no other company can have a glyconutritional product (and everything else that other patents protect us from).

There is no better business strategy or opportunity. Contact us today to schedule a 45 minute webinar. Free, with no obligation.

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