Friday, July 3, 2009

Vasectomy on Wrong Patient

Doctors Accused of Performing Vasectomy on Wrong Patient - 07/01/09

Over and over, we tell you that you are the only person responsible for your health. No one else can help you as much as you can. Medication has a long list of unproven, damaging, and life-taking endings, even when administered to the right people and at the correct doses. Medical mistakes are more frequent than you are led to believe by the FDA, CDC, and the medical industry.

To some, the article above may be funny. To others, the article might bring up thought of "This happens so infrequently that I don't run the risk." Yet others may be led to believe that these mistakes don't happen in the U.S. Wrong, wrong, and incredibly wrong!

Surgical mistakes persist in Bay State reported by The Boston Tribune, mentions that there were "36 instances when doctors performed the wrong procedure or operated on the wrong site or wrong patient between January 2005" and September of 2007. And "38 cases of sponges, surgical instruments, or other pieces of equipment left inside patients." In a two year period? That's almost 3 wrong procedures every 5 months and almost 7 cases where a surgical tool/accessory is left in a patient, ever 10 months! Collectively, it's fair to say either occurred at least once a month. I was really looking for CDC stats but couldn't find them. If you run across one, please post it as a comment.

Obviously when it's a life-threatening situation such as trauma, you have no alternative options. But if the doctor makes an appointment and your a few months away, start looking! Read, educate yourself. "Doctors, however, are not trained in nutrition, prevention, or supplements." Educate yourself about these topics. If there are no improvements by the time your scheduled surgery comes around, go through with it. Get the procedure, as planned by your care-giver (physician). But there is always the chance of having success and not having to undergo surgery, as scheduled and expected by your doctor.

Stupid is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results. What are you doing different from the other patients that your doctor is in charge of? If the answer is nothing, don't expect to have different results.


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