Thursday, July 9, 2009

Build your own job security

Want Job Security? Build It Yourself
Reported on Yahoo!

Things to consider that are mentioned as to the risk of finding and relying on employment:
  • "the largest 500 companies in America have cut more than 575,000 jobs since November."
  • "It's all risky out there. Big companies are no longer a safe haven; small companies are no longer only the bold."

The rest of the article is about where to find capital to fund your business venture. These are:
  1. Hit up Uncle Sam
    " President Obama in March pledged up to $15 billion in stimulus funds to boost SBA lending"
  2. Find a Solo Angel
    "clubs of high-worth individuals who band together to finance fledgling companies"
  3. Stay Close to Home
    "While national banks were hit hard by the fallout on Wall Street, many community banks and credit unions claim it's business as usual."
  4. Weigh the Alternatives
    "Consider alternative types of loans and financing arrangements that let you pledge assets or outstanding invoices as collateral."
  5. Tap Your Ingenuity
    "vast majority of money that young companies spend comes from their founders' wallets"
    "Many tap personal savings, credit cards, severance payouts and retirement nest eggs to fund their businesses."
    "One strategy that can be a winner: Running two businesses at once, using one to generate current cash and the other as their long-term potential home run."
We have a sixth suggestion:
What if you could simultaneously make both types of incomes (immediate and long-term), as described on #5 from the list above? What if you could start this business without having to invest a substantial amount? Imagine getting products that change lives with your investment. And as an added bonus, how would you like a 6 MONTH, FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

Oh yes... and I've just put it in writing!
Start your business for $499
Get $630 worth of life changing products
Make immediate income and set up a long term residual base simultaneously
6 month, money back guarantee

As the famous line goes "But wait, there's more!": you are not only limited to the U.S. Market. Upon start-up, you have the option to conduct and grow your business in a dozen countries worldwide, and the number grows each year.

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