Monday, June 29, 2009

Do Not Take Medication to Prevent an Infection

Medicine is a necessary evil.

You should be EXTREMELY cautious when taking medications and you should look for a way to repair the body in such a way that the medication is no longer necessary. Continuous use of medication of ALL types will inevitably lead to a severe side-effect. As was posted in "Medical and Pharmaceutical Influence," the overuse of medications like acetaminophine and salicylic acid are the primary overdoses seen in ER rooms all over the nation while the overuse of antibiotics is a primary contributor to an overgrowth of C. diff.

As pertains to this post, we'd like to urge you to stop taking medications that are meant to treat and cure viral and microbial infections as a prevention method. The use of these treatments, first of all, should be under the supervision of a qualified physician.

This article examplifies why it is a bad idea to use anti-viral and anti-bacterial medication as a prevention method:
"Drug resistant swine flue seen in Danish patient"
- Patient had been taking Tamiflu as a preventive measure

Viruses and bacterial have a tremendous ability to mutate. And these mutations, as we can see, can (and most likely will) yield an medication-resistant viral/microbial strand.

So medication should be taken for as small amount of time as possible and ONLY IF a doctor orders it. And NEVER, EVER, take a medicine, like Tamiflu, to prevent an infection. Infections simply don't work this way.

You should be thinking of prevention. That is good! But not in this manner. Think of prevention in strengthening your immune system by providing your body with a proper diet and supplements.

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  1. FDA panel votes to eliminate Vicodin, Percocet
    Deadly overdoses of acetaminophen, narcotics are cited in recommendations

    We reported liver damage and overdoses in "Medical and Pharmaceutical Influence"
    We stated prolonged use of medication is bad and one should do try to get body to where on Do Not Take Medication to Prevent Infections