Monday, June 22, 2009


Our first post...

Of course it has to be about our flagships product, glyconutrients. Our challenge isn't what to write about. No. Our challenge is HOW to write it.

We are well aware of the millions of site out there offering supplements & glyconutrients to you and the rest of the online community. Just now, a Google search for glyconutrients returned "about 245,000" results (one for supplements returned over 50 million).

So what makes us different? Why are you here? Why should you stay and continue to read this post? Why should you come back to read new posts?

First, let's separate those who offer glyconutrients from those who simply sell supplements. Without glyconutrients, no supplement regimen can be complete. Read "Glyconutrients" on our site to learn more about these essential saccharides. Next, let's exclude those who do not have a glyconutritional supplement with the eight essential glyconutrients (glucose, galactose, mannose, xylose, n-acetyl glucosamine, n-acetyl galactosamine, fucose, and n-acetyl neuraminic acid). This will leave you with a single manufacturer which has patented the mixing of the monosaccharides previously listed. If your glyconutrient vendor cannot provide you with a patent, they either do not contain all eight of the glyconutrients or the company will soon be legally told to stop making and selling glyconutrients (as has been the case in a few patent-protection trials).

GlycoTrainer is a representative for the very company that owns the glyconutritional patents. But we are not the only representatives. The manufacturer is publicly traded and was named the 5th best small company out of 200 by Forbes in October of 2006. The company has over half a million such distributors.

So why trust us? Why partner with GlycoTrainer?

Visit our site ( Read some of the pages and posts. Although the content may seem familiar and look like the same glyconutritional information you find at the other quarter of a million pages returned by Google, look closely. Our content is unique. NOTHING was copied and simply pasted from other pages. Our authors, readers, and business associates are professional and some have medical and scientific backgrounds. To show appreciation for the science field, get approval from scientists and doctors, and more importantly to earn your trust, we have included a reference section at the bottom of all pages which require one. So don't take our word for it... Read the documents we have cited.

Additionally, our WHOLE site is in English and Spanish. Each page links to it's translated counterpart. We expect to add more languages in the future.

We at GlycoTrainer know you appreciate attention to detail. We know you want to partner with a team who doesn't let important things "fall through the cracks." Be assured that we form part of the best training group that exists in the world of glyconutrition.

Learn more about glyconutrients.

Contact us to learn about available options for purchasing glyconutrients.

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