Tuesday, May 24, 2011

INSANE: Doctors Testing Diabetes Medication to Prevent Overweight Newborns

We could hardly believe it when we first read this...

According to the article, a doctor would like to use metformin, a diabetes medication, to prevent the birth of an overweight child. The reasoning behind this INSANE trial is to "keep potentially pudgy babies from tipping the scales too high at birth, which can expose them — and their moms — to serious complications and lifelong problems".

The Study
There are 75 women in the study group currently but the goal is to reach 2,178 and have the trial conducted by different doctors in eight different sites.

The women will be split into two groups. Both groups will follow a diet and exercise routine but one group will be given 300mg of metformin each day while the second group receives a placebo.

The study hasn't been completed so no results have been posted. But the doctor behind this trial hopes to have a significantly lower newborn obesity rate in the group taking the medication than the group taking the placebo.

Our Reaction
OMG! This lady should have her medical license taken away from her!

Here's why... Metformin "decreases the amount of glucose you absorb from your food and the amount of glucose made by your liver."[1]

This doctor lacks logic. What's more shocking is that women actually signed up to be a part of this study!

How ironic is it that metformin could lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which could, in turn, lead to hunger?

Fiber slows down the rate of sugar absorption in the intestine... What ever happened to telling pregnant women not to eat junk food? How about recommending a diet based on the glycemic index? We don't know if fiber of the glycemic index are the answers... But we KNOW medication that carries long-term risks is not the answer (this according to experts interviewed for the article).

[MSNBC]: Obese fetus? Let mom pop a pill, doc says

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