Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bacteria and Obesity

In numerous posts before we have stated that obesity has very little to do with calories going in vs calories going out.

We have pointed you in the direction of maintaining a healthy body and the body will consume its accumulated fat as it needs to, in a slow and healthy manner. No drugs, no tricks, just give the body what it needs, stop giving it what it doesn't need, and increase your activity.

But these lifestyle changes will only get you so far. You need to supplement. First, with our peptide blend. Next, with our antioxidants and phytosterols. And now, research published this morning suggests that you will also benefit from taking a probiotic.

See... There are several systems that have a say in how much fat you burn and how much you store. Your endocrine system (hormones) has a lot to do with this. It almost completely dictates what to store, when, and where. If a single hormone in any of these processes is off, it will manifest as either too much store or excessively fast utilization. The circulatory system takes care of moving the fats that for burning or storage. The digestive system breaks down the food we eat and releases essential nutrients.

It is in the digestive system that probiotics do their job... In the gut! We have millions of bacteria inside the gut and we needs to replenish them on a regular basis. According to the study, "The researchers also found that in people with certain genetic variations in taste receptor genes, a low level of bacterial diversity in the gut correlated with a higher likelihood of obesity, while a high level of bacterial diversity correlated with a lower likelihood of obesity."

The more diverse of a culture you have in your intestine, the better. See, in the gut, these bacteria will compete with one another for resources (foods we eat). And when one is dying off, another kinds will rush in and take their food and kill it off. Bacteria are at constant war with each other for resources. They want to survive along with their "family" (same bacterial types).

Article [Medical News Today]:

There are lots of probiotic supplements sold in stores... Sad thing is that the majority of these do not have a full spectrum of bacteria and in many cases, the bacteria is dead because there was little or no food added to the capsules or the powders.

Our probiotic supplement is guaranteed to have live bacteria. Contact us for a quick explanation this probiotic supplement, our fat-loss system, or our optimal health system.

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