Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Successful European Webinar :: Glyconutrient Success Stories

Today, during the meeting w/ the European group, I was reminded about the greatness of glyconutrients. Congratulations to all participants.

Because our European associates are unable to make our evening (North American times) webinars, we scheduled one exclusively for them. The presentation was complete science based (as some European doctors had been invited by our associates). Some North American associates went on, however. It always helps to have collaboration from leaders. We are proud to say glyconutrients are making an impact worldwide.

There were a lot of success stories related to health. Both sides of the Atlantic had stories that ranged from weight loss to more serious health conditions. One of the participants, a psychiatrist was so touched by the stories he was telling that he cried during a couple of them. The first about a little boy who wasn't able to walk before. And when describing that the boy was now taking steps (assisted) he almost couldn't continue. He said, "I'm sorry but I learned that was impossible. Nothing ever prepared me for this". He then went on to talk about a friend of his (a woman) and her improvement with a chronic cellular proliferation problem and then about another child who had learning problems. But then, at the end, he started talking about a female family member of his who suffered from a similar chronic cellular proliferation problem as the other lady. This time, he simply said that it was a family member with this type of problem, and it was too much for him. He excused himself, said the emotional joy and awe couldn't let him continue. He handed the microphone back to the host.

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