Friday, June 4, 2010

News Report: 2yr Old Baby Smoke 2 Packs a Day. Why did so many of you get mad at the parents?

A few days ago this video of a two year old smoking 40 cigarettes a day was sent all over the web.

The kid started to smoke because his father TAUGHT him to smoke. Critics said the parents should be thrown in jail, other said they should get the "s**t slapped out of them", and so on. We agree...

But it got us thinking...
Shouldn't we do the same to parents who TEACH their kids about happy meals and that fast foods are okay to consume?

After all, certain health experts believe that "One French fry is worse for you than one cigarette, so swapping your pack for an extra value meal a day is NOT a good choice."1

Lesson to learn
Kids don't know about fast food vs health food. They simply trust you and believe in what you teach them. But once you get addicting chemicals in them (as are found in cigarettes and fast food2) they will, as the video says, "gets crazy, screaming, banging his head on the floor, even getting sick if he doesn't get his two packs a day". Next time your kid throws a fit because he would rather eat chicken nuggets for breakfast, you know why.

And no one is to blame but you (the parent) for teaching them this unhealthy habit that may have got them hooked for life

[1] Mercola, J. Healthbit. Twitter. 7:00 AM Jun 2nd via HootSuite.

[2] Junk Food 'Addiction' May Be Real

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