Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why do you Crave Food?

Have you ever wondered what's behind the crazy cravings that pregnant women go through? Have you ever wondered why you sometimes crave very specific foods to the point where you can hardly think of anything else?

For the past few years I have been explaining these cravings to others as it was told to me by an extremely respected pathologist from the Dallas area, and a very prestigious naturopath:

Food Cravings
Your body learns what nutrients are present in the foods that you have eaten. This information is stored somewhere in the brain. Then, when you are lacking a certain nutrient, it instructs you to eat the foods that it KNOWS contains these needed nutrients.

They go a little further and hypothesize that addictive molecules somehow deliver similar physiological responses as do nutrients. This may be an explanation why many people who quit smoking have an increased appetite, or why cravings for addictive substances can many times be minimized by certain foods or supplements.

I hadn't really looked up studies that either confirmed or denied this, mostly for the lack of time, but this morning I read an article that confirms what I heard and have been telling my prospects and associates for the past few years.

Decode your food cravings
The article can be found at Decode your food cravings, is on and carries the subtitle of "The urge to scarf can be a clue to your body's nutritional needs."

Article Summary
Research included more than 18,000 people and lasted over 25 years. If you crave salty food, you many have a mineral deficiency, as "studies have shown that women who eat low-calcium diets want salty foods more than those who get enough of the bone builder." Chocolate cravings, your body needs "antidepressant in dessert form" because your "happy chemicals are bottoming out and you need a quick lift." Cravings for spicy foods may be an indication that you are too hot and need to cool down. If you crave very sweet, sugary foods, you may be down and need a little pick-up. The next time you crave those tiny chocolate covered salty pretzels, it may be because you may just be looking for a little energy boost.

I suggest that you read the article as it goes into a little bit of detail as to what each of these cravings may say about your personality.

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